Planning Commission meeting for March 1, 2021 is cancelled. 


When did we temporarily close the Center and cease all its programs, and why? The HTCC temporarily closed on March 14, 2020 due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus in Northampton County and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

When did we partially reopen the fitness room, under what conditions, and why? On June 22, 2020 Northampton County and Hanover Township were moved to the “green phase.” The Board of Supervisors and Township staff decided that the fitness room would be available to members of our community on an appointment basis. The HTCC staff were provided cleaning and sanitizing supplies, and adhered to safety procedures outlined by the CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health. At no time was the building opened in its entirety.

When did we temporarily reclose the fitness room and why? When the Township partially reopened the fitness center inside the HTCC, the attendance for the fitness room had been stagnant and extremely low, which was also not uncommon amongst other fitness facilities during this trying time. The Board of Supervisors did not believe that it was appropriate to continue operations with such a low census. Furthermore, residents were not purchasing memberships for the fitness room after the Township reopened the facility.

Why did the preschool program temporarily shut down and why will it not restart as usual later in August? The preschool, along with all the HTCC programming, was temporarily closed on March 14, 2020. Continuing these programs would have introduced a varied demographic of both children and older residents. There was no feasible method of configuring the building to comply with CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines and guarantee the safety of all age groups. The Board of Supervisors did not feel that it was appropriate to bring the children of our township into an environment that may cause more potential harm than good. The Board of Supervisors values the education of our children within the HTCC, but not at the cost of their health. Consideration for reopening the preschool program will occur when the HTCC is able to fully reopen.

Is the Community Center Permanently Closing? Absolutely NOT. The pause button was hit due to the reasons outlined above.

If I Vote at the Community Center, Where Will I Vote Now? The Township staff will ensure that the Community Center is open so individuals can vote in the General Election in November.

Where can I get information about the Community Center? The Township strives to keep information posted on the Township website which can be accessed at https://hanovercommunitycenter.com/ and www.hanovertwp-nc.org.

How can we pose questions to the Board? Board Meetings are advertised in the Morning Call and the schedule is posted on the Township’s website [www.hanovertwp-nc.org]. During every Meeting time is reserved at the beginning and at the end of every meeting for “Courtesy of the Floor.” This time is specifically reserved to afford an opportunity for members of the public to pose questions to the Supervisors on items not on the Agenda.


Why was the community pool closed? Last year (2019), our professional Township engineering staff determined through analysis over a period of time that approximately 2,200 gallons of water per hour were being lost, and that a potential sinkhole, common in our area of the Lehigh Valley, had developed underneath the pool’s foundation. Considering the extent of this damage required specialty geotechnical analysis, the cost of this analysis exceeded the discretionary spending amount and required a separate budget line item during the 2020 budgetary review. Accordingly, over $200,000 were set aside for pool-related work during 2020. We will resume efforts to examine site feasibility, construction costs and availability of funding as soon as practicable.

What action has been taken by the township to address the ongoing issues pertaining to the community pool? Last year, a Pool Advisory Board was created to explore all possible avenues of remediation of this issue. That group recommended that Terracon, an engineering firm specializing in geotechnical analysis (soil analysis), conduct the needed analysis to understand the full extent of the damage underneath the pool. The contract for that work was set to be signed in March 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic put those efforts on hold. After the pandemic struck, all capital expenses were frozen by the Board of Supervisors due to the fact that up to 30% of the township’s income sources (earned income tax, mercantile tax, real estate transfer tax, etc.) would be negatively impacted during these uncertain times. The impact on the 2021 budget is also expected to be significant. When the full financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Township can be realized, consideration of continuing capital projects will commence.