Starting July 27, 2021, all Board of Supervisors meetings will be held in person at the Hanover Township Municipal Building, 3630 Jacksonville Rd. Bethlehem, PA 18017. The meetings will be live streamed via Vimeo. A link to the stream will be available on the home page of the Hanover Township website (hanovertwp-nc.org) the day of the meeting. This stream does not allow for interaction with the Board members, it is to be used to view and listen to the meetings only. The meeting recording will be placed on the Agenda and Minutes page of the website.

Update on the Hanover Pool

Immediately following the completion of the study conducted by Terracon of the soil and ground conditions under and around the current pool (phase 1/geotechnical study), the Pool Advisory Group requested the Board of Supervisors to post bids for an evaluation and feasibility study of options regarding the restoration of a community pool within the Township (phase 2/feasibility study).  There were 7 bids submitted from organizations that specialize in municipal pools, of which 3 were selected to move to an interview phase.  The Pool Advisory Group recommended BKP Architects to the Board of Supervisors, who in turn, approved a motion to hire BKP.   BKP was selected because of its varied experience and reputation.  Equally important is that they approach their projects with 4 main tenets:

  • Architecture/Structure Evaluation/Project Lead/Project Management
  • Pool Evaluation/Pool Design
  • Geotechnical Engineering (Geology)
  • Cost Estimating

The ground conditions in Hanover Township are dominated by dense deposits of limestone which are susceptible to the formation of sink holes when certain conditions are present.  Such soils, and the fact that one or more sink holes likely caused or contributed to the failure of the current pool, required that the team addressing feasibility include a skilled geotechnical engineer with local experience to provide advice to the designers and the Township on behalf of its residents, the project stakeholders.

BKP has been retained to provide answers to the follow key questions:

  1. Can the pool be repaired and re-used?
  2. Can the pool be partially repaired/supplemented with new features?
  3. Should the pool be removed and replaced with a new pool?

BKP will also provide basic designs or layout that are suitable to the conditions and meet the needs of the community as gathered from BKP’s public comment process.

BKP is scheduled to start an 8 week project mid-July.


While the Board of Supervisors has established and engaged a Pool Advisory Group whose members include Township residents, the success of this process depends, in large part, upon input from a broad sampling of the members of our community.   Stay tuned for those notifications which will be distributed through multiple sources (ex. website, email etc.) inviting your comments and concerns regarding the restoration of a community pool within the Township.


Hanover Township is hiring for the Hanover Township Community Center.

We are seeking individuals who are dependable and courteous, with strong interpersonal skills for the front desk – various shifts from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

We are accepting applications for pre-school teachers, park counselors, program instructors, fitness instructors, sports instructors, personal trainers, etc.

Applications are available here (Click Here for Application). You can also request an application via e-mail (RecDirector@hanovertwp-cc.org) The application must be returned completed in its entirety.