HANOVER TOWNSHIP DECLARES SNOW EMERGENCY Hanover Township – Northampton County announces a Snow Emergency effective at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February, 20, 2019 until Thursday February 21, 2019 at 8:00 a.m. Snow Emergency Information: Hanover Township has found it necessary to declare a “Snow Emergency” due to the potential for a significant snow & ice event Wednesday. Parking on all Township streets is prohibited and vehicles may be ticketed. (§172-29 of the Codified Ordinance reads: Whenever a snow emergency has been declared it shall be unlawful for any vehicle to be abandoned or parked, on any public highway/street.) Snow emergencies are declared in order to remove vehicles from the roadways so they are not damaged from plowing operations and to insure the safety of the plow operators. Again, the Township has declared a Snow Emergency as a result of an impending storm with snow forecasted. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Tickets can be issued once the Snow Emergency (parking ban) goes into effect and in some instances prior to the snow actually starting to fall or snow plowing operations commencing. Watch the Township Website, Facebook Page and message boards for additional information concerning the Snow Emergency and Residential Waste and Recycling. Keep in Mind: One of the most challenging winter decisions a municipality has is declaring a snow emergency. Various weather resources are monitored including AccuWeather, the Weather Channel, 69News, the National Weather Service, Weather Underground, and others. Contact is also made with surrounding municipalities. After reviewing those feeds and contacting other municipalities a decision is made with our underlying objective being public health, safety and welfare. Keep in mind the average weight of an automobile is 4,009 lbs., a large SUV or truck is 5,411 and a fully loaded Township Mach Truck with plow and salt is in excess of 66,000 lbs. If the plow slips on snow and/or ice your personal vehicle stands little or no chance of escaping significant damage.