Storm Update:

Storm Update – July 13th

**The Public Works Department has completed its storm debris pickup and will resume in September for regularly scheduled yard waste pickup.**

Thank you for your visiting our website. As noted on the Yard Waste schedule, "This schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions and Township operational needs". Certainly the straight line wind storm was a significant weather event that changed our operation needs.

As you may be aware the Township suffered extensive damage requiring the public works staff to work nine (9) twelve (12) hour days with the assistance of the East Allen Public Works department, five (5) men and their equipment for three (3) eight (8) hour days.

We simply do not have the staff to perform our normal activities; road maintenance (potholes and crack sealing), street signs, line and crosswalk painting, park maintenance (grass cutting), storm drains, public building and property maintenance, etc. and clean up the parks and public property that sustained extensive damage. We have worked on Pharo Park and Village View Park to clean up the damage sustained but days, if not weeks of work remain. They are safe, but not restored.

We notified the residents via email and on our website of the plan. We also notified all media outlets (print, radio and TV), but we can't control what they choose to print or broadcast. For the last eight (8) years we have been notifying residents of important issues via email and have asked residents to supply us with their emails so we can communicate with them. Unfortunately, not everyone has furnished us with their email addresses.

In our announcements we always ask neighbors to inform neighbors to spread the word.

This is one instant that not everyone will agree with our decision, but we did what was in the best interest of all our residents, business community and visitors.

Storm Update – July 7th

The regular YARD WASTE COLLECTION cycle for July is modified and Storm Debris Clean Up Efforts will commence July 8, 2015.

The July regular cycle of Yard Waste Collection is modified (included with storm debris removal) because the resources aren't available to perform normal functions (grass cutting, sign replacement, road repair, crosswalk painting, building maintenance, pool maintenance, etc.) and clear Township property of debris to make them safe for use and pick up the debris from properties. Even after three hundred and fifty (350) man hours of work, days, if not a week or more of effort is required to clean up the debris left in Pharo and Village View Parks from the storm.

We have even received assistance from the East Allen Public Works Department clearing debris from Pharo Park on Thursday, July 2nd and the task ahead is still enormous.

Again, starting Wednesday, July 8, 2015, the Township will begin STORM DEBRIS CLEAN UP.

Place your yard waste out and we will collect it as we collect the storm debris.

On Wednesday, we will begin Storm Debris Clean Up in Yard Waste Sectors 1 and 2 and proceed West to East across these sectors and then southerly through both sectors. Please note the important change as we will move the crews West to East across the Sectors. Once Sectors 1 and 2 are completed we will start Sectors 3 & 4 and also proceed West to East.

Debris must be placed neatly along the street curb. We will make one pass through each sector (and street) and will not return.

Please be advised tree limbs are to be cut into manageable lengths to be picked up. We'd appreciate it if they would be cut in 8' or less lengths.